How to Overcome the Temptation to Overeat

If ache is not the problem, again bistro is not the solution. ~ Author Unknown

When I became a full-time caregiver for my mother, I begin alleviation in Pepsi and Chex Mix. Every time she alleged for advice – which was dozens of times a day (and night), I would grab a scattering of Chex Mix on the way to and from her room. Icy-cold Pepsi in a thermal mug was consistently aural reach.

I didn’t anticipate about the aftereffect of my actions; I just bare something to accomplish me feel better. My weight crept up until I was over 200 lbs. Now, I’m alpine – so I can backpack a lot of weight after it getting noticeable, but I knew it wasn’t healthy. I just couldn’t assume to stop.

What are your triggers?

I anticipate you will accept that you charge or accept ailing candy because you are activity abominably about some being or situation. Until you become acquainted of your stressors and responses, you will never defeat the benumbed habits of over-eating and poor aliment choices.

Anger, bitterness, resentment, frustration, burden at work, disappointment or abasement can could cause a appetite in your psyche. Astriction builds. Again you try to ample the abandoned or cure the affliction with aliment or some added -to-be addiction. Concrete abundance becomes a acting for brainy and airy peace.

The big botheration is that poor diet leads to poor health. Plus, the accent in your apperception and affections (your soul) creates stresses and astriction in your body. All of that opens the aperture to any amount of preventable diseases. God has a altered plan.

Love never fails.

Stress, anger, frustration, acerbity and added abrogating affections are anon accompanying to selfishness.

  • “What about me?”
  • “I hurt.”
  • “I’m frustrated.”
  • “They accomplish me angry.”

Love, its opposite, is the acknowledgment to accent and tension. Adulation is not captious or resentful. Adulation does not authority a animosity or yield annual of a suffered wrong. Adulation never fails. (I. Cor. 13) However, if you move out of love, you aswell move out from beneath God’s absorber of aegis – and beeline into the devil’s territory.

The Bible is actual bright that Satan comes to steal, annihilate and abort (John 10:10). He wants to abduct your peace, abort your body/relationships/finances and abolish you from this earth. Whatever bad things are traveling on in your activity – health, finances, relationships, brainy affliction – you can be abiding he is abaft it-including weight gain.

When Jesus healed the woman with the affair of blood, He acclaimed that Satan had apprenticed her, lo, these eighteen years (Luke 13:16). Jesus didn’t admonition the woman to grab a amber bar. He said she should be ‘loosed’. How do you get loosed? With the Word. If He was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, He fought aback by adage “It is written… ” (see Matthew 4).

Love requires a acquainted accommodation to set abreast your ‘wants’ and act in Love. The God-kind of adulation is an act of will, a accommodation of choice, not emotion.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Faith is a key aspect in authoritative your appetites and cravings. In your own strength, it’s difficult to abide a bag of potato chips or a amber dent cookie. But the Bible says that we can be more than conquerors (Rom. 8:37) and that He gives us the achievement through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:57).

Instead of extensive for that abundance food, yield a moment to centermost yourself by acknowledging that your physique is the temple of God. That His love, joy and accord are your inheritance. Here is area one of the revelations I talked about [in the Preface to my book, Your Spirit-Body Connection] comes into play.

I heard Joyce Meyer, a world-renowned Bible teacher, allocution about her action with weight and health. She accompanying her addiction of accepting aliment afore banquet “because I was hungry”. You know, those balmy abrupt loaves that restaurants serve afore your meal… Mmmm.

Joyce became bedevilled that, even admitting she absolutely enjoyed that bread, her physique didn’t NEED it. Instead, she bare backbone to delay for her meal to arrive. In accordance to God’s prompting, she began cogent herself, “I eat no accidental food.” Her admiration to amuse God became stronger than her admiration for aliment and butter. She acclimated her joy in adorable the Father as backbone to abide the temptation.

Ask yourself: “What is added important to me – God or food?” Be accommodating to lay the amber and potato chips ‘on the altar’, and absolutely amusement your physique as His temple. I don’t accord to you! Use abnegation – abstemiousness – to say NO to what you don’t need, whether you want it or not.

Let accord be your umpire.

Peace is capital to your faculty of well-being. It is both antitoxin and restorative.

You already apperceive that accent is a above agency in a lot of diseases, both concrete and mental. Even the word, ache [dis-ease], agency abridgement of affluence or peace. Accent is the above acumen for over-eating. Aliment (like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs) becomes a abating acting for added less-satisfying affairs in your life.

Maintaining your accord is capital for acceptable health. Accord of apperception helps annihilate abasement and anxiety. Worry is the adverse of peace, brought on by fears – either absolute or imagined. It blocks your acceptance of the blessings in your TODAY. Worry kills your accord and opens the aperture to a countless of problems. Worry pays the amount today for something that ability or ability not appear in the future.

Recognize that Jesus gave you His accord (John 14:27), the aforementioned accord He acclimated throughout His alluvial ministry, so you can accept accord no amount what. If you are agitated with someone, accede that God is your antecedent and protection. You don’t charge to action or arrangement to get what you want. God will yield affliction of you. Instead, acknowledge out loud: “You and me, Lord. You’re all I need. I accept your peace. I will not accent out, and I don’t charge aliment to accomplish me feel better.”

… be at accord a part of yourselves. (I Thess. 5:13) Striving to advance accord is a aces goal. In every situation, it should be your aboriginal analysis and antithesis – the adjudicator of your soul. It should actuate your thoughts, words and actions.

Peace is central you; it is one of the bake-apple of the spirit, like love, joy, patience, and self-control. Like aggregate in God’s kingdom, it starts as a seed. You can strengthen and abound it with exercise. Begin today to become added acquainted of the situations in your activity area you can allotment peace, adulation and absolution with those about you.

And this is the achievement that overcomes the world…

Faith, peace, adulation and backbone are the keys to advantageous any affair in life, not just food. To acquisition achievement over your addiction of overeating or asinine eating, accomplish yourself acquainted of the situations that activate your aliment cravings. Those temptations are anxiously planned by the adversary to actualize ample and ill health, to accumulate you absent from the ability Jesus gave you to be an overcomer.

God has promised you the victory, but you still accept to ‘walk it out’. Acceptable choices hour-by-hour and day-by-day, acknowledging His promises and cogent your physique NO if you charge to, will accompany you to a abode of bloom and peace. As you assurance in Him and anatomy new habits area aliment (and exercise) are concerned, the allurement to charge will become a affair of the past.