How to Overcome the Temptation to Overeat

If ache is not the problem, again bistro is not the solution. ~ Author Unknown

When I became a full-time caregiver for my mother, I begin alleviation in Pepsi and Chex Mix. Every time she alleged for advice – which was dozens of times a day (and night), I would grab a scattering of Chex Mix on the way to and from her room. Icy-cold Pepsi in a thermal mug was consistently aural reach.

I didn’t anticipate about the aftereffect of my actions; I just bare something to accomplish me feel better. My weight crept up until I was over 200 lbs. Now, I’m alpine – so I can backpack a lot of weight after it getting noticeable, but I knew it wasn’t healthy. I just couldn’t assume to stop.

What are your triggers?

I anticipate you will accept that you charge or accept ailing candy because you are activity abominably about some being or situation. Until you become acquainted of your stressors and responses, you will never defeat the benumbed habits of over-eating and poor aliment choices.

Anger, bitterness, resentment, frustration, burden at work, disappointment or abasement can could cause a appetite in your psyche. Astriction builds. Again you try to ample the abandoned or cure the affliction with aliment or some added -to-be addiction. Concrete abundance becomes a acting for brainy and airy peace.

The big botheration is that poor diet leads to poor health. Plus, the accent in your apperception and affections (your soul) creates stresses and astriction in your body. All of that opens the aperture to any amount of preventable diseases. God has a altered plan.

Love never fails.

Stress, anger, frustration, acerbity and added abrogating affections are anon accompanying to selfishness.

  • “What about me?”
  • “I hurt.”
  • “I’m frustrated.”
  • “They accomplish me angry.”

Love, its opposite, is the acknowledgment to accent and tension. Adulation is not captious or resentful. Adulation does not authority a animosity or yield annual of a suffered wrong. Adulation never fails. (I. Cor. 13) However, if you move out of love, you aswell move out from beneath God’s absorber of aegis – and beeline into the devil’s territory.

The Bible is actual bright that Satan comes to steal, annihilate and abort (John 10:10). He wants to abduct your peace, abort your body/relationships/finances and abolish you from this earth. Whatever bad things are traveling on in your activity – health, finances, relationships, brainy affliction – you can be abiding he is abaft it-including weight gain.

When Jesus healed the woman with the affair of blood, He acclaimed that Satan had apprenticed her, lo, these eighteen years (Luke 13:16). Jesus didn’t admonition the woman to grab a amber bar. He said she should be ‘loosed’. How do you get loosed? With the Word. If He was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, He fought aback by adage “It is written… ” (see Matthew 4).

Love requires a acquainted accommodation to set abreast your ‘wants’ and act in Love. The God-kind of adulation is an act of will, a accommodation of choice, not emotion.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Faith is a key aspect in authoritative your appetites and cravings. In your own strength, it’s difficult to abide a bag of potato chips or a amber dent cookie. But the Bible says that we can be more than conquerors (Rom. 8:37) and that He gives us the achievement through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:57).

Instead of extensive for that abundance food, yield a moment to centermost yourself by acknowledging that your physique is the temple of God. That His love, joy and accord are your inheritance. Here is area one of the revelations I talked about [in the Preface to my book, Your Spirit-Body Connection] comes into play.

I heard Joyce Meyer, a world-renowned Bible teacher, allocution about her action with weight and health. She accompanying her addiction of accepting aliment afore banquet “because I was hungry”. You know, those balmy abrupt loaves that restaurants serve afore your meal… Mmmm.

Joyce became bedevilled that, even admitting she absolutely enjoyed that bread, her physique didn’t NEED it. Instead, she bare backbone to delay for her meal to arrive. In accordance to God’s prompting, she began cogent herself, “I eat no accidental food.” Her admiration to amuse God became stronger than her admiration for aliment and butter. She acclimated her joy in adorable the Father as backbone to abide the temptation.

Ask yourself: “What is added important to me – God or food?” Be accommodating to lay the amber and potato chips ‘on the altar’, and absolutely amusement your physique as His temple. I don’t accord to you! Use abnegation – abstemiousness – to say NO to what you don’t need, whether you want it or not.

Let accord be your umpire.

Peace is capital to your faculty of well-being. It is both antitoxin and restorative.

You already apperceive that accent is a above agency in a lot of diseases, both concrete and mental. Even the word, ache [dis-ease], agency abridgement of affluence or peace. Accent is the above acumen for over-eating. Aliment (like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs) becomes a abating acting for added less-satisfying affairs in your life.

Maintaining your accord is capital for acceptable health. Accord of apperception helps annihilate abasement and anxiety. Worry is the adverse of peace, brought on by fears – either absolute or imagined. It blocks your acceptance of the blessings in your TODAY. Worry kills your accord and opens the aperture to a countless of problems. Worry pays the amount today for something that ability or ability not appear in the future.

Recognize that Jesus gave you His accord (John 14:27), the aforementioned accord He acclimated throughout His alluvial ministry, so you can accept accord no amount what. If you are agitated with someone, accede that God is your antecedent and protection. You don’t charge to action or arrangement to get what you want. God will yield affliction of you. Instead, acknowledge out loud: “You and me, Lord. You’re all I need. I accept your peace. I will not accent out, and I don’t charge aliment to accomplish me feel better.”

… be at accord a part of yourselves. (I Thess. 5:13) Striving to advance accord is a aces goal. In every situation, it should be your aboriginal analysis and antithesis – the adjudicator of your soul. It should actuate your thoughts, words and actions.

Peace is central you; it is one of the bake-apple of the spirit, like love, joy, patience, and self-control. Like aggregate in God’s kingdom, it starts as a seed. You can strengthen and abound it with exercise. Begin today to become added acquainted of the situations in your activity area you can allotment peace, adulation and absolution with those about you.

And this is the achievement that overcomes the world…

Faith, peace, adulation and backbone are the keys to advantageous any affair in life, not just food. To acquisition achievement over your addiction of overeating or asinine eating, accomplish yourself acquainted of the situations that activate your aliment cravings. Those temptations are anxiously planned by the adversary to actualize ample and ill health, to accumulate you absent from the ability Jesus gave you to be an overcomer.

God has promised you the victory, but you still accept to ‘walk it out’. Acceptable choices hour-by-hour and day-by-day, acknowledging His promises and cogent your physique NO if you charge to, will accompany you to a abode of bloom and peace. As you assurance in Him and anatomy new habits area aliment (and exercise) are concerned, the allurement to charge will become a affair of the past.

Is It A Good Idea For Someone To Ask Themselves Why They Want To Rescue Another Person?

If one had a friend who was going through a challenging time, they might look into what they could do to assist them. This could be a time when they will listen to what is going on for them and offer their advice.

Then again, this might not be enough, and they could offer to take them out for the day instead. Or, they might take them out and give them advice whilst they are spending time together.

One Part

However, regardless of what they do for this person, it is unlikely to be something that will end up consuming their whole life. One is going to have other things to do, as well as other things to think about.

It could be said that this is to be expected; after all, one is not an extension of the other person. If they were to get caught up in what is taking place, it would cause them to neglect their own life.

A Challenging Time

This is not to say that there won’t be moments in their life when they do end up neglecting their life in order to be there for a friend, for instance. What it means is that that this will be the exception as opposed to the rule.

For example, if one of their friends has just lost someone, they might need their support for quite some time. One could then spend more time with them or they could spend more time talking to them over the phone than usual.


During the moments when they are not assisting them, it will be possible for them to focus on their own needs. It is then through being there for themselves that they are able to be there for others.

Also, one is not going to end up doing too much for other people, which this means that they are not going to disempower them. To say that one could harm another person by doing too much could be hard to believe.

A Different Kind of Relationship

When this takes place, one is going to be acting more like the other persons parent. One is not going to see them as a friend or their partner, for instance, they will see them as someone who is incapable of standing on their own two feet.

Now, this is not to say that this is exactly what will be going though their mind; yet, this is what their behaviour will suggest. Fortunately, when one has good boundaries this is not going to take place.

Healthy Limits

Through having boundaries, one will know where they begin and end, and where other people begin and end. So if they were to do too much, they would soon realise that it was time for them to take a step back.

What this will also come down to is that they are an empowered human being, and this is going to stop them from having the need to keep another person down. Thus, although they will lend a hand to someone, they are not going to try to change their life for them.

Another Experience

While this is how some people will live their life, there are going to be others will who have a different approach. One is then going to spend a lot of time doing things for the people in their life.

In fact, one could give far more than they receive, meaning that their relationships are going to be out of balance. Yet, even though this is the case, one might not even be aware of this.

The Priority

And even if they do have moments when they realise what is taking place, it might not have an effect on them. As far as they are concerned, they will be doing the right thing by overlooking their own needs.

One is not just going to give a helping hand though; they will believe that it is their responsibility to solve other people’s problems. On the surface it will be as if one is doing the right thing, but this is going to be nothing more than an illusion.

An Unhealthy Dynamic

It could be said that if one wasn’t there to help these people, it would be a lot harder of them to cope. The trouble is that as one does so much for others; it stops them from being able to embrace their own power.

One is then enabling their behaviour as supposed to truly helping them and, if they were no longer around, they might find someone else to rescue them. Or, they might end up looking into what they can to save themselves.

A Closer Look

Also, it is highly unlikely that one is doing this because they are needless; what it is likely to show is that they feel ashamed of their own needs. Being there for others is then an indirect way for them to meet their own needs.

But as a lot of the people they try to rescue are going to be consumed by their own needs, this is rarely going to take place. When someone doesn’t return the favour, it could cause them to be filled with rage.


Even so, it might not be long until they disconnect from how they feel, though, and end up doing what they can to rescue someone else. What this shows is that one is running away from themselves.

There is the chance that their younger years were a time when their needs were rarely, if even, met. Instead of their caregivers being there for them, they may have had to meet their needs.


This would then have set them up to believe that other people’s needs are more important than their own needs and to disconnect from their own needs. It is then going to be a good idea for them to change what they believe and to heal the pain that is within them.

The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be needed here.

The Law Of Attraction And Its Power

You have undoubtedly heard or met what is called the law of attraction and its power that has the tendency to bring forth what you deeply believe in. Then, if it works so well, why is not everyone who follows, attends seminars or read books about it wealthy and successful, and most of all happy?

If all you need to do is think or have positive thoughts, you should be able to create a better world for yourself overnight, shouldn’t you, so what is wrong this picture?

Well, it often is because most people see, listen or read about the law of attraction once and then within a few days, forget all about it. Most of them will never actually use what they have learned, practice it and internalize it. You see, it takes a strong commitment, a conscious pledge to make positive change occur, and certainly on a subconscious level.

What you should realize is that even right now, the old you is doing everything in his power to prevent change. It comes up with excuses for not reading this post. It procrastinates and makes excuses for not believing in the ideas of this inner power, even if they are right for you. The reason why is because the ‘old you’ is comfortable, it has a built in survival mechanism to protect the status quo, and that is why change is so difficult for lots of people.

The law of attraction when used on a surface level always fails. Thousands and thousands of people attend self-improvement or positive thinking seminars, or buy books and videos, and yet very few people derive permanent benefits from them.

It is not because the information is not working or is not valid, it is! It is just that what you hear or read deals only with your conscious mind, but that mind is not the engine that powers your life. It is rather your subconscious or unconscious part of your mind from which your habits, behaviors, and outlooks spring automatically.

Lasting Change Begins Within the Unconscious
So the key to permanent and lasting change is to go straight into your unconscious and to rewire how you think about yourself and your future. This drawing power says that what you believe determines what you make real. You may not trust me, but this is nothing new. In fact, the law of attraction is even ancient. Great thinkers and truth-seekers have been saying it for hundreds of years.

“Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”- Marc Aurelius, Roman Emperor (121-180 AD)

You may like it or not, but you have now to break through an imprinted mind script that is made for most years of wrong instructions. At the deepest level of your being, you hold many negative beliefs and habits. You have to replace them by anchoring new ways and beliefs into your subconscious, where ideas are formed, and reinforced by perceptions, and thus made true.

Do you still not believe in the influence your unconscious might have?

Then watch ‘The Amazing Power of Your Mind,’ and you will be amazed by the truth of it all.

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You
To make the law of attraction work, you must at first rewrite the way you think and how you perceive your reality. Inside your subconscious mind, for years now, you have encrypted what you see as the truth. Remember, what you accept to believe as true is true, or become true.

Whatever desire you can have. But if you have been told all your life that you will never amount to anything or that being wealthy is something which is impossible, and you still believe it unconsciously, then that is the mindset which is linked to your subconscious, and that is the reality you experience.

So how do you begin to make this law of reciprocity work for you? Most of you have seen the movie “The Secret,” and yet there are a few more tips to back up this drawing law. Discover them now:

Not Worrying about How or When
You do not have to understand how or when it might happen. It makes no sense to try to control the Universe by telling it how your life needs to unfold. Just begin by giving a listening ear, a smile or some kind attention to people around you.

Be thankful and give goodness to others while letting that inner power influence your heart. It will, in turn, activate the law of attraction which will pull the universal flow, and improve the conditions of your life enormously.

Visualizing What You Want
The power of intention says to visualize what you want to achieve as brightly and vividly as possible. Whether it is in the form of a picture, a feeling or words, the crucial point is to see yourself as if you have already achieved that desire or objective.

Observe things and perceive the colors. Listen to the sounds. Smell the aromas. Feel the touch of the items around you. Walk through the whole place in your mind, getting in as many details as you would like them to be in your reality. At first, your images may be a bit unclear, but clarity improves with practice. In fact, the greater the details, the better ammo you are giving your unconscious mind to believe it and then to act on it.

If for some reason, you cannot visualize, get in touch with a memory where you were happy. Recreate the scene and relive the moment. It will bring forward a positive emotion that will mentally connect with your future desires in your subconscious.

Manifesting Something New
If you want to manifest something new, you have to get into the habit of creating things you already have. By this, I mean to look at your current possessions, for example, pick an object or someone that makes you feel good and declare: “I have… ” and fill in the blank. Then start with stuff you do not have.

You have to focus your intention on what you have now and have already manifested. You may think that this process is strange but it works like magic. When you visualize, feel, and manifest what you have previously gotten, it intensifies the power of the law of attraction, and your focus to bring what you want and changes your whole reality.

Creating Your Desires While Sleeping
Sleeping time is a great moment to contribute to creating desires. As you get in bed and are ready to drift off to sleep, ask to be ONE with your wishes, in heart, mind, and feeling. Begin by saying things such as “I am one with financial freedom,” “I am one with wealth,” “I am one with my dream house,” etc.

Whatever your wish is, feel and breathe it entirely while going to sleep. Then the next day, nurture this feeling of being one with your desires because it is a huge and vital point. This way, you will accelerate your path to the goal. Become your desires in your sleep, and you will draw the power of intention to bring it into your existence.

Accepting Not Knowing How
When you imagine what you want, but have no idea about which steps to take to get it, then your first move is to accept that you do not know how. Do not be afraid and be at peace with that. It is where you are right now. Worrying or wondering will not help.

So let the power of the universe take care of things, it knows how better than you do. In other words, just let the law of attraction carry on with its plan, even if it may not be how you expected it to be. All you need to do is act on the opportunities that a situation brings to you. Let the drawing power of the universe move through you and show you what to do.

Letting it Happen
It is great to do visualizations and use affirmations. But remember that your inner power is like gravity. It just pulls in what it needs. You need to be open and allow the unconscious manifestation of the law of attraction. It will help you not to be stressed.

You should expect good things to come out of nowhere, spontaneously revealing themselves to you. Good things may have just appeared before. So let it happen again. When visualizing or using positive thinking, see things as if they were already a reality. This way, you separate yourself from doubt and set in motion the self-actualization of your desire.

Recognize You Deserve All of It
You must understand that you deserve everything your heart wishes for, and not feel the least guilty about it because, for many of us, we have an unconscious guilt about being happy or wealthy. But why should you feel remorseful about being happy or rich?

Well, it is because somewhere along the line, our parents, our schools, our beliefs or our friends have influenced us into believing that we have to suffer or pay the price for happiness and riches. Or that just when things start to get good, they all turn bad, and if you don’t mind me saying, all of that stuff is just all crap.

People say those things because of they, themselves, have a belief system of limitation and lack. If you wait until you feel deserving of having pleasant thoughts about your life, you will end up convincing your unconscious that you are undeserving of happiness, wealth or both, and the result is that you will be unhappy and unsuccessful in most of your endeavors and undertakings.

It is not selfish or wrong to ask the law of attraction to help you get your desires or to be happy, regardless of where you are in life. Happiness is a means to an end which is success and well-being, and it is also an end in and of itself that we all desire.

Trust in the Power of Intention
Believing and trusting in the power of intention will allow you to create the mental habit to be happy the majority of the time and winning in almost every circumstance you encounter.

The last and final point I want to make is: don’t think, don’t try, and just do. Thinking and trying gives your subconscious the wrong message. Let your unconscious autopilot steer you in the right direction. It is not hard if you don’t think or try but just do.

Scientists are just catching up with the immense power of the mind to heal disease, to overcome extreme handicap spontaneously. Countless of people spend hours every day conditioning their physical body to look and feel their best rather than developing their most valuable resource, their minds. The law of attraction and its power shows that the more you condition your thoughts for what you want, the more it will respond.